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Cheverny Limestone

Cheverny Limestone 

Cheverny is a creamy ivory limestone with flecks of brown.   Has an occasional quartz vein.

  • Block thicknesses range from 40 cm to 80 cm
  • Sizes of blocks are approx 290 cm x 190 cm x 60 cm
  • Exctraction volume ideal for large projects
  • Stock of extracted blocks are maintained and readily available.


Ideal for exterior cladding in large projects.       









Compression Test

1027 Bars

Bending Test (Resistance in Bars)

144 Bars

Absorption Test


Abrasion Test in mm

3.6 mm

Shock Test

30 cm

Bulk Density (g/cm3)

2.43 g/cm3

Actual Density (g/cm3)

2.67 g/cm3



Cheverny Blocks


Cheverny QUarry