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Giallo Antico Marble

Giallo Antico Marble 

Giallo Antico marble is a gold yellow marble with rich chocolate veins.   This material has alot of variation with some hues of pink or brown. 

  • Block thicknesses range from 40 cm to 80 cm
  • Sizes of blocks are approx 290 cm x 190 cm x 60 cm
  • Exctraction volume medium
  • Extracted blocks are typically on order with some limited stock available.











Compression Test

1448 Bars

Bending Test (Resistance in Bars)

187 Bars

Absorption Test


Abrasion Test in mm

31 mm

Shock Test

28 cm

Bulk Density (g/cm3)

2.67 g/cm3

Actual Density (g/cm3)

2.60 g/cm3

Porosity 1.27%



Giallo Antico Marble Blocks

Giallo Antico Marble Blocks 


Giallo Antico Quarry