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About Us

Our Company

Since 2000, Societe DeZahra's founders have over 20 years of expertise in the stone market of Tunisia, working with both Commercial and High End Residential projects. We understand the requirements of the of the European and US market and ensure that our products adhere to these standards as wwell as all other quality control requirements. We have many project references in Europe, Dubai, and the USA.

We specialize in selecting the best Tunisian limestone and Tunisian marble materials from the best available sources, monitor the quality throughout production to the finished product, and project manage the schedule to ensure on time delivery.   Should you require blocks, slabs, tiles, or even specialized finishes we have the expertise required to navigate this complex market and obtain the quality level required to satisfy your customers, while retaining your margins through reduced waste.   In addition, we have strong partnerships with logistics companies, which can ensure that your product is expedited quickly and meets the first cutoffs possible for transit.

For large project needs, architects utilize our services for commercial projects such as exterior cladding or cut to size tiles. We advise which materials have been tested and are appropriate for freeze thaw conditions, provide test data, and identify which materials have performed well. In addition, we can also provide project references in such environments. We will also arrange for lot samples throughout the project for testing to ensure the materials remain consistent according to the defined standards or technical requirements.

We understand the quality requirements of the global market. Also we respect your timing and selection requirements. We are dedicated to: Ongoing timely communciation Managing logistics closely to ensure on time delivery Ensuring size and color variation is in keeping with client requirements

  • Block Selection
  • Color control variation
  • Large stock of blocks
  • On time and on budget
  • Ongoing communication
  • Logistics management