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Societe DeZahra is one of the suppliers of Tunisian marble and limestone. We can help with blocks as well as finished materials including slabs, tiles and mosaics. Societe DeZahra is trusted by clients all over the world to deliver materials on time and at the highest quality standards.

  • Need blocks for a large project?

  • Need cut to size materials?

  • Need something urgently?
  • Request our current inventory sheet. We will send you photos and sizes of all stocked blocks.
  • With your cut sheet we can provide you termendous savings by doing much of the fabrication work in our factory.
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Our Contacts

Societe DeZahra SARL
Rue des Mineraux ZI Charguia
Tunis, Tunisia 2035
P: 216 29 001 109
Studio DeZahra Inc
690 S Hwy 89 Ste 200
Jackson, WY 83001
P: 202-391-0234

What Makes Us Different

We understand the quality requirements of the global market. Also we respect your timing and selection requirements. We are dedicated to:

  • Ongoing timely communciation
  • Managing logistics closely to ensure on time delivery
  • Ensuring size and color variation is in keeping with client requirements