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Quality Control

From the beginning to the end of your project, we ensure that your blocks are selected according to your required variation and we provide continuous updates according to the variation extracted from the blocks via digital email.  Slab Bracing

When you purchase a production lot, we will provide x% of the variations which are extracted during production so you are aware of the expected variation within the lot.

If you purchase a select lot, according to a specific production schedule, we will advise you weekly of any lead time updates.   Should any delays occur, we will keep you updated to ensure your project is not delayed or can expect any variation.

Noir Aziza and Giallo Antico Marble

For tiles we will dry lay out a representaitve range of your order and provide digital images for approvals.  

What makes us different:

  • We specialize in export quality materials not the local market. For over 10 years we have worked with architects and builders thoughout the world especially in the USA and understand the importance of on time delivery.
  • We will always do what it takes to make sure you are on time and within budget, rigorously following up and providing ongoing communication.
  • During production and at completion we provide digital images for approvals and welcome onsite inspections.

Packing materials properly is one of the most important elements and often overlooked by companies who do not specialize in exports from Tunisia.   



  1. All materials are packed in treated wood.Container Loading
  2. Slabs are blocked and braced to ensure there is no movement.
  3. Loads are disributed to ensure even weight throughout the container.
  4. Tiles are packed in styrofoam boxes up to 18"x18" or 45x45 cm and larger tiles are separated by foam sheets.

Project Management


We understand the importance of delivering materials on time, within color selection and within budget.   Our team assists with block selection to production to final end product selection.  This process assists in reducing waste and delivers the best range selection that you desire.   Our team will assist with the following:

  • Block selection 

  • Lead time production estimates and updates

  • Color selection variation photos during production  

  • Real time production output communication


Noir AzizaNew Material: Noir Aziza

The perfect alternative to Nero Portoro. Rich black marble with white and copper veins.

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What Makes Us Different

We understand the quality requirements of the global market.   Also we respect your timing and selection requirements.   We are dedicated to: