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Tunisian Stone Quarries


We are your source for all Tunisian marble and limestone materials.  We can provide blocks as well as finished materials.   A visit to our quarries often involves a 2 day tour.   Most are located in the middle of the country accessed by small winding roads.   Typically access is limited to vehicles with 4-wheel drive.   


  1. For projects greater than 300 TONS or 105 M2 please contact us, otherwise see our current block inventory.  
  2. Technical test data on current extraction areas is available on request for large projects.
  3. Block sizes depend on the quarry as many of our materials are found in stratas bands with fixed widths.  Please see the page related to each material for size options.
  4. Tunisian limestone in particulary is often characterized as a marble as well as due to the fact that its technical properties so closely resemble marble, in partucular its density, low porosity, and ability to take a polish.


These three quarries are all located in the Thala region.  

Thala offers a vast array of materials.   We offer select variations of these materials from our quarries.  






You will enjoy spectacular panoramic views in this area as you wind through the hilly countryside.   This area was particually enjoyed by the Romans as a countryside retreat where acres and acres of wheat which sustained that enconomy still grow today.



Foussana, located near Thala is characterized by its contemporary grey color tones. 

Grey Foussana

Noir AzizaNew Material: Noir Aziza

The perfect alternative to Nero Portoro. Rich black marble with white and copper veins.

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